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James E. Smurawa

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3 bikes, 8 years of riding. That’s my story. Chump change to some riders, a long time, maybe, to others, doesn’t matter. This site’s for everyone.

Yeah, I’ve had three bikes, changed the seats on each of them, all of them got new pipes, new air intakes, new lighting. But it doesn’t remotely make me an an expert.

Which is why I step aside and make room for those who are. Riders, like many of you, who’ve been around for a while. Or the people who make the aftermarket parts and accessories we put on our bikes. And people at the Motor Company who make the bikes we ride.

Owning 3 different bikes taught me that it’s hard to make smart upgrade decisions. What questions should you be asking? And more importantly, where do you get the answers? .

As a Rider, I saw an opportunity to pull information about all things Harley–the Bikes, the Aftermarket Parts, the Rallies, Tours and the Lifestyle–together into one place. JBetley.com is the result of that opportunity, a one-stop site for the Harley Rider.

Where all of the information is free for the taking, and nobody will ask you to become a member.

JBetley.com is about gathering voices–the Motor Company, the Parts Vendors, the Expert Wrench-Turners–who could answer our questions and tell us what’s going on, what’s new (and if it’s worth our hard-earned money), how to do shit on your own, how to buy smart, and even how to sell.

But mainly, we aim to be the voice of the rider. A place where experienced riders can share what they know. Where new riders can ask questions and get straight answers. Where we can say what’s on our mind and hold the Motor Company’s feet to the fire. Where you can tell us what gear you’re putting on your bike, and where others can find the best prices for it. Where we can tell stories of where we’ve been, and talk about the rides that got us there.

In short, JBetley.com is about becoming the kind of Harley community that’s never been built before.

Yeah, we’re individuals, us riders, but Community matters to us too. That feeling when we’re running with our pack, when we arrive at our Rally destination, that feeling of connection we get when someone returns the two-fingers down salute.

That’s community.

And that’s what this site was put together for.

If you find what you need on these pages, we hope you’ll share it with a friend or on social media. If you have something you’d like for us to talk about, shoot us a quick comment and we’ll get working on it.

Ride Safe, and we’ll see you out on the road.

Everyone’s story rides on the bike, and here are a few that I’ve had over the years. Be sure to share yours on the Share Your Ride page.
James E. Smurawa
Creator and Content Designer, JBetley.com

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