Ciro lighting Delivers with Customizable Rear-End Lighting even Distracted Drivers Can’t miss–the Latitude Taillight With Lightstrike™

Everyone knows that brake lights that do more than come on and go off are more visible to the distracted drivers behind you. And up until now, there were just a few variations to modulated brake displays.

That, until Ciro 3D came along with their Latitude Taillight (& License Plate Holder) with Lightstrike™ lighting.

Because with Latitude Taillighting on your backside, your bike isn’t just noticed, it’s SEEN. Loudly. As you ride. As you turn. And most critically– when you’re stopping.

In this First Look at Ciro Lighting’s Latitude Taillight, (Yeah, it came out in 2021, but work with me here), we’ll–

  • Give you the deets on everything about the Latitude Taillight assembly.
  • Show you what Lightstrike Lighting offers and why it’s so different from anything else on the market.
  • Run through the features, specs and fitments of the Latitude Taillight.
  • Answer any questions you might have…

And lots more. Ready to ride safer with awesomely cool backend lighting? Let’s go.

What Is The Latitude Taillight?

The Ciro 3D Latitude Taillight with Lightstrike is a completely plug & play replacement for the OEM rear lighting assembly. It’s an LED run-turn-brake system, and the one-of-a-kind contoured license plate mount—complete with hidden fasteners—completes the makeover.

Ciro Lighting--P;ug & P;ay App Store screenshot

But the Latitude tail light isn’t just a functional OEM upgrade. It’s a perfectly stylish way to add brilliant-bright rear-side lighting to your bike, with the opportunity to personally customize it’s effect and appearance.

Your rear fender gets style, and you get an infinitely safer ride.

Designed by Ciro co-founder Darron May, the original Latitude Taillight was released in 2018. Its exceptional brightness was an immediate improvement on the OEM light. But when the Latitude Taillight was paired with Lightstrike lighting in 2021, that taillight became a fully-customizable animated display, powered by a brilliant array of automotive-grade LEDs.

So, what’s Lightstrike all about? Read on to find out more.

What is LightStrike Lighting?

Remember the brake modulator? Lightstrike™ Lighting has a similar mission, but its Bluetooth wireless technology lets you tune your taillight and turn signals with an app downloaded to your smartphone.

So, what can you do with Lightstrike?

Let’s start with Ciro Lighting’s Brakeburst feature. Not only does it magnify critical visibility in extended stopping circumstances, it lets you decide which burst or pulse modulations you want others to see.

You can also choose between sequential or flickering turn signal effects. And adjustable timer settings allow you to further customize and control your lighting. You can even add a strobe effect.

The options are endless.

Simply put, Lightstrike gives your ride more style and makes riding safer than any taillight on the market. Your bike will look great, and you’ll be seen when it matters most. What’s better than that?

And if you’re riding something other than a Street Glide, Road Glide or Road King Special, there’s other Ciro lighting products, like their Streak Trunk Light, and the Crown Taillight, each of them featuring Lightstrike technology.

Want to see Lightstrike in action? Hit the play button below, and then read on, to discover the inspiration behind it.

The Inspiration Behind Latitude & Lightstrike

Company founder Aero Rudd, and his Ciro 3D designers, wanted to give riders a way to bring style to the rear of their bikes. Harley-Davidson’s Stop-Turn tail light system was popular, but hardly known for great visibility. So when the Latitude taillight system came out in 2018, the rider got cool styling AND intense, can’t-fail-to-see-you brightness.

But modulation was still missing. That problem was solved when Lightstrike was added 3 years later. With the brightness of the Latitude Taillight, and the stimulating effects of modulated lighting on both brakes and directionals, riders could feel confident they were seen by everyone on the road. Which made for an infinitely safer ride.

Lighting is ultimately about safety. Read on, to find out why the Latitude Taillight with Lightstrike Lighting should be on your bike.

Why Ride with Ciro Lighting On Your Tail?

If you’ve read this far, and you’re still riding with an OEM taillight, or a lesser set of LEDs, you probably already know the answer. But since we asked the question, let’s take a spin through some sobering facts–

First, even though most (42%) accidents involving bikers are created by the left-turning car ahead of you, and “only” 7% of collisions occur from behind, that’s still too many. There were 5014 motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. in 2021, which means 350 of those road deaths occurred when the rider was struck from behind.

Secondly, that bike you’re riding weighs somewhere between 800 & 880 pounds. You’re being struck from behind by a vehicle weighing between 2,800 to 3,200 lbs. Add a simulated speed-at-impact of even 15 mph (often much higher), and you have an immensely unlevel playing field at the point of collision.

Which means death, or injuries, the most common injuries being

  • Brain trauma – from falling or being flipped (even when wearing a helmet). 
  • Spinal cord/neck injury –  because a bike lacks the protective shell of a car, the spine will absorb the brunt of the impact. That means chronic pain and partial or full body paralysis.
  • Internal organ damage — the same holds true for internal organs, which will also absorb much of the shock of collision.
  • Eye damage – whiplash effects don’t end at the neck. Optic nerves (and eyeballs) may be affected due to the force of the rear impact.
  • Burns, Road rash, Limb injuries — no need for details here.

So, why not put the odds on your side and upgrade those dim Harley backside bulbs with a cool taillight assembly that’ll make you seen by even the most distracted driver?

Ready to hear more? Read on for the details–

First look– November, 2022

Ciro Lighting--logo

Latitude Taillight Overview

The plug & play Latitude Taillight uses Ciro lighting’s proprietary Lightstrike™ technology to dramatically customize your rear fender and magnify rear-end visibility to traffic behind you.

Lightstrike™ goes beyond traditional brake modulators, giving you the option to create customizable, animated displays with your running lights, turn directionals, and braking lights. You can even program an added strobe effect if desired. And adjustable timer settings give you even more control and customization capability.

With Ciro 3D’s Brakeburst mode– a user-selectable option that creates multiple-frequency modulations of the brake light– you’ll magnify your visibility in extended stopping circumstances, where approaching traffic really needs to see you.

You get lots of choices with Lightstrike™ including—

  • 12 power-on animations
  • 10 turn signal animations with a strobe option
  • 3 brake animations & selectable cool down times
  • 5 brake burst modes with frequency and burst delay options

The plate holder is curved to match the contour of the rear fender, and you can choose between Chrome or Black trim, and Red or Light-Smoke lenses.

The Latitude Taillight assembly is an all parts included kit and it’s DOT-approved. Plug-n-play electrical installation uses OEM style connectors, and no permanent bike mods are needed.

There’s a 3-year warranty on the product, a lifetime warranty on the LEDs. Check the Specs below for fitment details.

Safety with Style. The Latitude Taillight with Lightstrike is all that and more.

Ciro 3D Latitude With Lightstrike


Ciro Lighting--Chrome with Red Lens
  • Complete Kit– Install, download the app and customize
  • 12 power-on animations
  • 10 turn signal animations with strobe option
  • 3 brake animations with selectable cool down times
  • 5 brake burst modes with frequency and burst delay options
  • Plug-n-play electrical installation using OEM style connectors
  • Run, turn and brake lights all run legal red
  • Curved license plate mount matches contour of rear fender
  • Available in Chrome or Black Trim, Red or Light Smoke Lens
  • Bolt-on assembly with hidden fastener
  • DOT approved
  • 3 Year warranty 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on LED’s
  • Feature Details

Ciro 3D Latitude With lightstrike


Ciro Lighting--Latitude in Black with Red Lens
  • For ’14-up Harley-Davidson Touring models including–
  •  Street Glide FLHX 
  • Street Glide Special FLHXS 
  • Road Glide FLTRX
  • Road Glide Special FLTRXS 
  • Road King Special FLHRS (2017-UP)
  • Important FYIs–
  • Latitude Lighting assembly will not work on Street Glide ST or Road Glide ST models
  • For International models, the Latitude Assembly will only work for models with 4″ tall x 7″ wide license plates. Please confirm your plate size before ordering
  • The Latitude assembly will not work on international models with a tail light that’s mounted in the middle of the rear fender, or where the turn signal bar is mounted below the tail light
  • Specs and Fitment Details

Our Take

Ciro Lighting

Why You’ll Love the Latitude Taillight

Lots there with the Latitude Taillight, so a quick unpacking of why we can’t wait to get this on our bike—

  • SUPER BRIGHT customizable backend lighting which greatly increases your visibility and safety
  • Massive options for customization, including 12 power-on animations, 10 turn signal animations with strobe option, 3 brake animations & selectable cool down times, 5 brake burst modes
  • A contoured license plate holder
  • Plug & Play with ease of installation
  • Rugged quality backed by a great warranty

You get everything you need at one price. Just install, download the app, customize your settings and ride confident you’ll be seen by even the most drama-riddled texter on the road.

Ciro lighting has their competitors–great products, a few of them– but from our perspective, nobody has anything as functionally customizable for backside visibility as the Latitude Taillight.

What Others Are Saying

Another great product from Ciro 3D! An easy install with an awesome result! The best part is the brightness of the light as well as the many different light patterns that are available on the app! Highly recommend this product!
Richard W Lyman
Exactly what my bike needed for that look and function. Enough options for animations to make anyone happy and every bike unique.
Jason Rodgers
Love the light!
I am by no means an expert Harley mechanic, but I was able to install this light and license plate holder in about an hour. Love the look and functionality.
Barry Eckstein

The Heads-Up

DIFFICULTY, tips for success & Other WATCH-OUTs

Degree Of Difficulty

On a 1-5 Tool Box scale of difficulty– 1 being super-easy, 5 means it’s in the shop– we’re rating this one 2 tool boxes. Why? Well, it’s a fairly simple part switch that most riders can feel confident with. And, Ciro 3D’s step-by-step instructions are awesome.

Success Tips

Review the instructions before you start.

Then, watch someone else do it to get a sense of the steps involved. The best guys for this are Ryan Urlacher and the boys over at Their installation video is totally step-by-step. (I’ve put a few parts on my bikes with their guidance).

If that video doesn’t work for you, try this one.

Here’s Your Installation Instructions. The process?

  • Remove and unplug the OEM Stop-Turn-Tail light.
  • Install the Latitude in its place.
  • Run the wire up under the seat and plug it in.
  • Download the app and setup your lighting.

Here’s an easy-to-follow video that’ll walk you through the app setup and configuring your Lightstrike settings.

Handy FYI—based on how long it took them to do it, the guys at Ciro 3D figured the installation time at 2 hours or less. ‘Course–installation time will vary depending on your skill set, condition of motorcycle and tools available. If you’re slow and lack confidence like me, make it three or four hours. If you smoke, add another hour.

Other insider tips? A bike lift is ideal, but getting the bike vertical on a centerstand also works well. And get your hands on a short ratchet wrench, ideally one that has a hinged handle.


Some Samsung phones will require you to turn on the “location” function to allow the app to connect to the controller.  


You saw this in the specs, but it’s worth repeating—

  • The Latitude assembly will not work on Street Glide ST or Road Glide ST models.
  • For International models—the Latitude Assembly will only work for models with 4″ tall x 7″ wide license plates. Be sure to confirm your plate size.
  • The Latitude assembly will not work on international models with a tail light that’s mounted in the middle of the rear fender and a turn signal bar that’s mounted below the tail light.

The Verdict

Ciro 3D is many things, but Imitator isn’t one of them.

Since getting started back in 2014, Ciro’s been out in front of the Aftermarket on more than a few tricks. And whether it’s their Bag Blades LED Light (Ciro’s the original creator of bag-mounted directionals), their Filler Panel Lights (yup, first with that too), the coolest drink holder on the road, their Cybercharger Wireless Charging Phone Holder or their Frame-Mounted Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts (had these one-of-a-kinds on my Ultra Limited), you look at any of their products and you know someone asked the question–

How do we do it right, and do it different?

The Latitude Taillight follows the formula.

Latitude with Lightstrike is Innovation stamped with Cool. It gets you noticed by those you ride past, and seen by those on the road behind you. Get it on your bike while you can, and if your ride is something other’n a ’14-up Street or Road Glide (Straight up or Special) or 17-up Road King Special, Ciro Lighting has Lightstrike gear that’ll probably fit, like the Crown Tail Light or Streak Trunk light.

Click or tap any of the links below to check them out. The link will take you directly to Ciro 3D.


Ciro Lighting Latitude Tailight in Black with Red Lens


Ciro Lighting Crown Taillight



No, the kit comes with everything you need. Just install the product, download the free app and configure your preferred Lightstrike settings.

  1. Remove and unplug the OEM Stop-Turn-Tail light.
  2. Install the Latitude taillight assembly in its place.
  3. Run the wire up under the seat and plug it in.
  4. Download the app and setup your preferred lighting program.
  • Review the installation instructions.
  • A bike lift is ideal but getting the bike vertical on a centerstand also works well.
  • The Latitude assembly will not work on Street Glide ST or Road Glide ST models.
  • For International models—the Latitude Assembly will only work for models with 4″ tall x 7″ wide license plates. Be sure to confirm your plate size. 
  • The Latitude assembly will not work on international models with a tail light that’s mounted in the middle of the rear fender and a turn signal bar that’s mounted below the tail light.

No. The Latitude Taillight works with no modulator other than the Lightstrike system. 

The Wrap

So, there you have it. The Latitude Taillight and License Plate Holder with Lightstrike™ Lighting, by Ciro 3D. Ridiculously customizable, terribly stylish, and bright AF. Most importantly, it makes your ride immeasurably safer.

Check out Ciro’ 3D’s Latitude Taillight or their other Lightstrike Lighting products. And stay tuned for an upcoming AfterMarket feature on Aero and Azura Rudd, and the Ciro 3D story. Pretty cool people, excellent products, great company.

In the meantime, Ride Safe and Be Well.

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