Custom Dynamics brings Quality & Innovation to LED Accent Lighting. Plug & Play Halo Head & Passing Lamps + All-Over Underglow Lighting (For Under $900)

‘Twas a time when if you wanted to put some accent lighting on your bike, you rolled the dice on some cheap gear sold on Amazon and hoped it wouldn’t die on your bike (or drain your battery) as you sat inside the diner.

That time has passed.

Introducing the Custom Dynamics® ProGLOW™ LED Accent Lighting system for Harley. A plug & play, Bluetooth-controlled system that integrates color-changing head and passing lamp halos with underglow lighting at the engine, ground and saddlebag levels.

You can light your entire touring bike for under $900. And because it’s Custom Dynamics, you’re assured your bike will be seen, and stay seen.

Interested? Cool.

In this post, we’ll …

  • Give you an overview of the Custom Dynamics ProGLOW lighting system
  • Give you the backstory of how the system came together
  • Give you a rundown on the features, specs, lots of video, a few links to manuals, degree of difficulty and other install heads-ups
  • Throw down a killer FAQ (trust me, it’ll come in handy)
  • And finally, we’ll give you our take, which is, frankly– why we LOVE ProGLOW

By the time you’re done with this post, you’ll have seen everything you need to know about the ProGLOW lighting system to make the right buying decision. Want to skip ahead to the details? Check out the TOC.

Ready to rock and roll? Let’s go!

What is ProGLOW™ LED Accent Lighting?

Originally introduced with the release of the ProGLOW Accent Lighting strips in March of 2021, followed one month later by their headlamp and passing lamp counterparts, ProGlow Lighting by Custom Dynamics is inspired innovation.

ProGLOW is not only a breakthrough in accent lighting, it’s groundbreaking in its versatility. Want underglow lighting for engine and ground effects? Go ahead, you can light the saddlebags later. Pair the accent lighting with headlamp and passing lamps now, or complete the look when you’re ready.

It’s a fully-integrated accent lighting system that’s completely plug & play, easy to install and managed by your device to produce the colors, patterns and sequence schemes you choose. Check it out…

Light Up The Road–Your Own Way

Customize the preset lighting patterns or design your own, there’s no limits to the kind of light show that’ll announce your arrival.

Presets? Well, there’s Themes, which, along with ‘Strobe’ and ‘Breathe’ (pulsing effect), offer numerous customizable animation modes including–

  • ‘Ride’ – solid color combinations
  • ‘Range’ – variable blinking combinations with sharp transitions
  • ‘Wave’ – steady blinking combinations with smooth transitions
  • ‘Chill’ – breathe effect as illumination dims and brightens
  • ‘Custom’ – to personalize any combination of animation and custom color

And, there’s the “Chase” function, which creates a front-to-rear, wave-like visual throughout the bike.

Preset ‘Chase’ modes include ‘Flame’, ‘Meteor’, ‘Tropics’ and ‘Patriot’. Each mode illuminates their unique pattern throughout the bike, while headlamp and passing lamp halos perform rotating patterns that match the underglow. 

Themes or Chase modes, every preset pattern is bendable to your unique preferences–you decide what colors you like, and the speed they move at.  

Pair the controller to your device with the ProGLOW App for iOS and Android, and use the color wheel and an array of sliders to change the design of the lights, the frequency and timing of the various patterns, and the colors seen.

You’ll ride with a lighting signature that’s completely unique to you, and your bike.  

More Than Just Pretty Lights

ProGLOW lighting makes your ride safer.

Their pretty, color-changing halos aside, these front side lights were designed using the best-selling Custom Dynamics White Halo Headlight and Passing Lamp as prototypes. You get a bright beam pattern that illuminates ditch-to-ditch, far down the road.

And, there’s battery saving/music sync/braking functions built into that Bluetooth controller. You decide how long your lights stay on once parked, and how they sync with your music. And when enabled, your underglow lighting scheme will illuminate a solid red when braking, adding a definitive safety element to what’s been traditionally regarded as decorative lighting.

Awesome? Yeah.

So, how did Custom Dynamics pull it off? Read on to see how ProGLOW evolved.

How All-Over LED Accent Lighting Evolved at Custom Dynamics

Custom Dynamics is no stranger to the accent lighting market. David Pribula, Founder and CEO of the company, had his first go with Harley lighting when he saw an opportunity to make accent lighting better. But it was his willingness to listen to his customers that gave birth to the ProGLOW system.

Innovation: Where New Ideas and Improvement COme Together

Innovation is often the result of a new idea combined with dissatisfaction with an old one.

You see, David had been mulling the idea of changing up the product line—a color-changing halo head & passing lamp ensemble that would work in tandem with LED underglow lighting.

Now, Custom Dynamics already had their own accent lights on the market—the Custom Dynamics Magical Wizards. And, the idea of colored halo headlamps were already out there on certain makes of automobiles.

But nobody had integrated the two.

So, why not design a color-changing halo headlamp/passing lamp—platformed off the Custom Dynamics branded White Halo Headlamp—and integrate that with their accent lighting?

Well, they could. But improvement is motivator to innovation, and those Magical Wizards presented an opportunity.

A Problem Gives Birth To Innovation

Custom Dynamics carefully archives all of their customer feedback. And they knew that those Magical Wizards, though extremely bright and very durable, suffered one drawback—

They were hard-wired, which meant installation, though not technically difficult, was time consuming, and exacting.

The solution? Plug & Play.

The result? ProGLOW lighting–ease of installation and completely elevated underglow lighting. Color-changing halo road lights that offer the kind of illumination riders expect from Custom Dynamics.

New Idea? Improvement on an old idea?

Done and Done.

Well, not entirely. Custom Dynamics also has accent lighting for speakers and single or dual caliper front wheels. There’s new product releases planned for 2023, and even more functions and features for the app when they release their V2 controller.

Great lighting. Cool lighting. Safe lighting. And less time spent in the garage.

That’s innovation.

Why Ride With ProGLOW LED Accent Lighting?

Everyone knows loud pipes save lives. And powerful headlamps get you through the curves and keep you out of cornfields. But… quality accent-lighting? That’s a game changer.

Loud pipes? They hear you. Dazzling arrays of digital lights washing over and through your bike? Now you’re seen.

The first job of any Harley rider is to get home safely. Showing off is Job 2. Now you can do both.

Convinced? Cool.

Ready to dive into the details? Let’s go…

First Look– August, 2022

Custom Dynamics 7" Proglow headlamp

ProGlow Headlamp

The ProGLOW Headlamp is built on the Custom Dynamics® White LED Halo Headlight prototype, but with color-changing LEDs built into the halo instead of the standard solid white. In conjunction with the color-changing abilities, this headlamp will produce a bright white high beam and low beam headlamp output for superior visibility on the road. Headlamps can be installed without accent lighting-but you will need a controller. (See FAQ for additional details)

ProGLOW Headlamp


Custom Dynamics 7" proglow headlamp in chrome
  • COMES IN 7″ and 5.75″

ProGLOW Headlamp


Custom Dynamics 7" proglow headlamp in black reflector finish
  • HIGH BEAM: 3620 LM, 3.6 AMPS AT 12V

First Look– August, 2022

Custom Dynamics 4.5" proglow passing lamps shown with 7" headlamp

ProGlow Passing Lamps

Like the ProGLOW Headlamp, the Custom Dynamics® ProGLOW™ 4.5″ Motorcycle Passing Lamps With Color-Changing Halo are prototyped off their Custom Dynamics® White LED Halo counterpart. And like the ProGLOW headlamp, the halos in the ProGLOW Passing Lamps feature color-changing LEDs in lieu of white LEDs. And as with every other component of the ProGLOW system, it’s an easily-installed, Bluetooth-controlled, customizable lighting accessory. The only difference–ProGLOW Passing Lamps must be installed in tandem with the ProGLOW Headlamp. That said, the ProGLOW Headlamp and ProGLOW Passing Lamps, once installed, provide the same far-reaching, ditch-to-ditch illumination as the lights they were platformed from.  

ProGLOW Passing Lamps


Custom Dynamics 4.5" proglow passing lamp in chrome

ProGLOW Passing Lamps


Custom Dynamics 4.5" proglow passing lamp in black reflector finish

First Look– August, 2022

Custom Dynamics proglow LED accent lighting kit

ProGlow LED Accent Lighting

By swapping out hard-wired kits for plug & play, ProGLOW LED Accent Lighting represents a breakthrough approach to underglow lighting. Light the Engine area, the Engine and Ground Effects, or light both plus the Saddlebags, Custom Dynamics has a kit for you. Combine the FC & BQB-certified Bluetooth controller with the proprietary iOS or Android app to run preset lighting Themes and ‘Chase’ sequences that are fully customizable to your preferences. ProGLOW Accent lighting also syncs with your music, and gives you the option of having your light show go all-red when braking. Add battery-saving timing elements to the mix and you have complete control and safety with this revolutionary underglow lighting system.

ProGLOW Underglow Accent Lighting


Custom dynamics proglow accent lighting setup

ProGLOW Underglow Accent Lighting


Custom Dynamics proglow LED accent lighting strips in two sizes
  • 1/2” LED SPACING
  • 5050 RGB LEDS
  • DIMENSIONS: 7/16″ W x 3/16″ H 

Our Take

Why You’ll Love ProGLOW

In case you went from headline to the details–

  • Ease of installation
  • Completely plug & play
  • Total control of your lighting is managed between your device and the FC & BQB -certified Bluetooth controller
  • Pre-set lighting themes and chase patterns with total speed and color customization at your fingertips
  • Battery-saving, music syncing and brake settings
  • Head & passing lamps built off the Custom Dynamics White Halo prototype
  • Go all-in or do it as a modular install.
  • Accent lighting for speakers and single or dual caliper front wheels, with more products to come in 2023
  • Custom Dynamics Lifetime Warranty and Unmatched Tech & Customer Support
Custom Dynamics

What Others Are Saying…

Ordered a few pieces from this company. All of the product is absolute top notch. I actually installed the lights myself, I’m a mechanical nightmare and it all came together very well. Had to call for tech support and had exceptional experiences with both reps.I literally just ordered a vent led for my street glide just now as well. I would easily recommend this company to any rider looking to enhance his bike lighting
–Jason R.
Custom Dynamics is one of the most tuned-into-the-rider companies I’ve ever worked with. Their support is amazing. They’re available, (a big +), they send replacement parts immediately and include prepaid shipping. An outstanding company that builds a great product and is smart enough to stand behind it. And, you’re never waiting weeks to get anything.
–Gerald S.

The Heads-Up

DIFFICULTY, tips for success & Other WATCH-OUTs

Degree of Difficulty

ProGLOW Headlamp Installation–

ProGLOW Passing Lamp Installation–

ProGLOW Underglow Accent Lighting Installation–

Success Tips

Get yourself schooled on the install procedures. Read the documentation, and check out these Custom Dynamics-produced install videos. That, and start early in the day.

About the LED Accent Strips – lay everything out first on the motorcycle without adhering the lights. Connecting everything together to ensure the wiring layout is correct first, will make the final installation easier and prevent errors. 

If you prefer to follow the steps on your device, here’s a few helpful PDFs–

Finally, here’s a video tutorial on how to use the app, and one for pairing your device to the controller.


This installation should not be rushed. The accent lights specifically will take some time to ensure the strips are hidden well (you want to see the glow, not the light itself). 

If you find your ass getting kicked, take five and check out the FAQ below. There’s a link to a fantastic resource the tech people at Custom Dynamics put together–it covers pretty much any problem (usually placement of lights & pairing your device with controller) you’ll have during the installation process. Diagrams–pictures– tips– it’s all there.


One chance to get it right? That’s the LED Accent lighting strips. Those pre-cut strips are adhesive backed, and meant to stay in place once secured. So, the folks at Custom Dynamics once again encourage you to follow the tips above, and remember that once they are stuck, there is a risk of breaking the strip if you try to pull it off for repositioning.

Good Luck!

The Verdict

Custom Dynamics has crushed the accent lighting solution with ProGLOW. Preset lighting patterns, ridiculously customizable possibilities, front-side lighting built on a best-selling prototype, all of it carrying the Custom Dynamics quality brand plate.

If you’re ready to light up your bike with underglow and colored halos, if you want to look great and ride safer than you were before, ProGLOW is your only real option.

Be well, and Ride Safely.

ProGLOW Underglow Accent Lighting

Custom Dynamics proglow LED accent lighting kit

ProGLOW Halo Head & Passing lamps


This link should help. It’s answers to questions the tech guys at Custom Dynamics usually get calls about. Pics, tips, the whole shooting match. If it’s not here, you’ll probably need to talk to a live human. But give it a shot. The answer’s probably here.

You can buy separate kits (see next FAQ) to have the engine lit by itself, or, you can get engine lighting + ground effects, or, you can light engine, ground effects and saddlebags.

Go ahead and get a notebook and calculator out and customize your setup–

Custom Dynamics offers 3 levels of the LED strip kits with all the strips and wire accessories needed to light up areas of the motorcycle. The controller is also included in these kits. 

  • Engine Kit = $274.95
  • Engine & Ground Effects Kit = $349.95
  • Full Bike Kit (Engine, Ground Effects, Saddlebags) = $399.95 

Now, add the Headlamps and Passing Lamps for—

  • Headlamps–2014-2022= $249; 1994-2013= $279
  • Passing Lamps–2014-2022= $230; 1994-2013= $230

So, if your ride is a 2019 Ultra, and you’re lighting it all up, you’re doing it for $880.

But wait, there’s more–

You can get front wheel lighting kits separately.–

  • Single Caliper = $34.90
  • Dual Caliper = $68.85

And, there’s the option for speaker lights (for compatible audio systems): $119.95

‘Chase Effect’ does involve all three components (Headlamp, Passing Lamps and LED Accent strips), but it’s heart and soul are the accent strips. When the bike is illuminated, (front wheel to saddlebags), the lights will illuminate first at the front wheel – then travel across the motorcycle to the rear. This pattern then repeats. And, keep in mind, like any other preset feature, the Chase patterns are fully customizable.

Yes. The Headlamp can be installed on it’s own (controller is still required), with or without passing lamps or LED accent strips. But…the passing lamps require the headlamp to be installed for proper function. 

And no, you’ll only ever need one controller per bike.

  • The headlamps come with all needed components for installation.
    • The 7” headlamp for 2013 & Earlier rides comes packaged with the required mounting ring
    • The 7” headlamp for 2014-to-Current Year models is already packed with the plug and play wiring harness required for most models.
  • 2014-2022 Road King models & 2020-2022 Freewheeler models do require a unique headlamp adaptor which is sold separately.
  • When a ProGLOW headlamp is installed, the folks at Custom Dynamics recommend a 24” wire extension for connection between the headlamp & controller.
  • ProGLOW passing lamps will require a wire adaptor to install on 2005-earlier models.
    • They recommend their 3-way or 5-way wire splitter as well for adding the passing lamps. 

If you still have questions, checkout the text box below. Someone at Custom Dynamics will have an answer.

Still Got Questions?

Some installs are like scaling a mountain. And unlike that guy who got his bars wired and done in three hours (he’s lying), it’s never easy. So, here’s a direct line to Custom Dynamics’ Zendesk page. Leave a desperate message with them and they’ll be back to you pronto, with smart answers to your question(s).

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it–the ProGLOW LED Accent Lighting System for Harley. Kind of amazing, right?

Give it a look, and when you get serious about lighting up your bike, there’s no other way to go than this one. Your imagination, paired with Custom Dynamics quality and innovation, will have you the talk of the town.

And the diner.

Ride safe and we’ll see you out on the road.

Further Reading on Wondering how Custom Dynamics got to where they are? We’ve got a cool feature post on them in our AfterMarket section. You’ll find it in the Harley Life Menu, or just go here. Thinking of swapping out that OEM headlight for something that actually lights up the road? Check out our August 2022 Rider’s Choice Survey on the 10 best Harley Daymaker headlight alternatives.

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